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Our Mission



Our Goal

It would be simple to say that our goal is to help you improve yout credit. But it's more than that. It's empowering you with both the tools and the knowledge to take control of your credit and not just be along for the ride.

Our goal is for you to know how credit works and what is inside of your control versus outside of your control.  

Our goal is for you to feel like you can finally get to your goal of owning a house or a car when you thought it was so far from possible. 

In short, our goal is to change the trajectory of your credit path, create more opportunity for you, and ultimately, change your life. 

Our Story

When it comes to credit, it's personal. It's not like a car or a house that are separate from you and can be bought or sold at any time.  Our credit is attached to everything we do financially and it can impact our opportunities negatively or positively depending on how well we manage it. 

In 2018, we noticed the tide shifting in terms of the priority major insititutions were putting on credit scores and consumers' overall digital foot print. So we decided it was time for consumers to have better solutions when it came to not just repairing damaged credit but also building and managing positive credit. Enter Kroma Credit.  

We wanted to give consumers a simple solution that didn't require them to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars (yes, some credit repair companies charge thousands) for something they weren't sure was going to work. So we decided to make the tools more accessible on our platform and take the salesy approach out of the picture for good.

We provide all of the tools, education and coaching with none of the pressure.  So wherever you are on your credit journey, grab a coffee and check out our blog or take a look at our simple tools to find the next steps that are right for YOU.  What you see is what you get at Kroma Credit. We're here for you!

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